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(frequently asked questions)

Q:I live in a rural area. Is my internet speed fast enough?

A: Yes it's very rare internet speed prevents a lesson from happening.

Q: I don't have a webcam, can I use my phone?

A: Phones work great!  It's a good idea to use headphones or external speakers for better sound.

Q: Are the lessons private and in real time?

A: Yes, exactly the same as in person.  Roger answers questions, ensures good playing technique, makes sure you are in tune and offers helpful advice.

Q: How do I connect for my lesson?

A: An invitation is sent to you by email about 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson time.  Just click on it and you are connected automatically.

Q: I live in another Country. Can I still take lessons?

A: Yes, we will coordinate to sort out the time differences and go from there.  One student  currently logs in from England.

Q: Can I do a combination of online and in person lessons?

A: It's too early to tell when in person lessons may start again due to the pandemic situation, but ideally this is possible when things get back to "normal".

Q: Can I try  it out before starting lessons?

A: Absolutely.  As always consultations are free. Roger would be happy to meet with you online and by phone  to get you set up and to show you how it all works.

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