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Lessons are individually designed to suit the strengths, needs, goals and natural abilities of each student.

A student who has their grade 8 piano and has designs on post secondary music education will be given different assignments than someone who is looking to play some basic chords at home.

Roger's years of live performance, session work and teaching has enabled him to cover almost all playing levels and genres.

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Beginning students learn

Chords and basic chord theory

strumming patterns

melody playing

common chord progressions

note identification and locations

good left and right hand technique

finger style basics

basic scales

Intermediate level players learn

More advanced chords and chord progressions

accompaniment techniques

introduction to chord/melodic lines

improvisational skills

more advanced finger style techniques

more advanced scales


Advanced players learn

How to improvise over major and minor chord progressions

How to play chords and melodies at the same time

More advanced music theory

Scales and modes

All players learn

How to read notes and play them on the guitar

How to play popular songs

(once students get to a certain level, they can choose their own)

Names of well known guitar brands

Names of well known guitar players in all genres

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New to guitar?

Acoustic or Electric

to start?

Maybe this short video

from Roger will help!

Your first guitar

Everything you need to know

in under 2 minutes!

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